Back Together

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Yes, yes, yes, I know what you might say. It will probably be around the following:

  1. New theme, wth?
  2. Merging dev and normal, wth?
  3. Why is this so flashy, wht?
  4. …wth?

Yeah, I know, a lot of wth s so… let’s get right to it. I have merged my two blogs (main and dev-blog) for two reasons. I’ll detail them in this post, as brief as I can. I’ll also detail the changes to the website itself, and what juicy new things you can find over here including:

First Reason

First things first, I found it a bit redundant to post things that I might really want on the front page to be somewhere stashed in the background. I’ve realized that when I want to rant about something, if I take it to the blog I manage to make quite the post, and not the usual rant I had on Facebook for example.

My raspberry pi wifi rant and raspberry pi music rant are in this exact category. If I were to post on Facebook about them, it would likely be disorganised, without useful links, and would flood the social network.

At the same time, if the posts are of good quality, then I want them published, and not stored in some backwater jekyll build. Hence, I need to merge these together. I’ll probably over-use tags to keep track of them and, if needed, block some tags from the main page, and nothing more.

Second Reason

I doubt the change of theme is not visible at all to anyone that ever read anything from my blog before. Anyone that knows me a bit knows that I love flashy UIs. I’ve also always been a fan of tiled design, and using as much real-estate as possible. To be frank, I’ve always had a thing about presenting the content in a precise, elenant way without leaving much empty space (a ton).

Take this theme, for example, the maximum was

, no ToC for tutorials, or anything, and one row for everything (centered). Now, after a bit of work on it, the home page has two rows on larger screens, tags and other archive pages are tiled entirely, posts sit at a comfortable maximum of
, tutorial layouts have an adaptive design with either a scrolling sidebar with ToC or two ToC elements at the begining and end of the post. I quite like what I’ve done with the theme, but I really had an amazing start.

Kudos to Michael Rose for his amazing hpstr theme.

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